I love to work with individuals and couples in my psychotherapy practice. My clients receive the benefit of my experience of over two decades of work with hundreds of people throughout the world, of all ages and stages of psychological development and healing. Those newer to psychotherapy who are encountering challenges in their mental health, or who wish to engage a proactive approach to their psychological health and wellness, will discover compassionate and seasoned care as they uncover and deepen their relationship to themselves and others. I can support you to address a wide range of issues including but not limited to: anxiety; depression; psychopathology; relationship challenges; all levels of physical and emotional health and wellness; grief and loss; past and present trauma; post-pandemic challenges; vocational coaching, relationship to our sexuality, body and ageing; utilizing psychotherapy to accompany psychiatric support; and much more. 

Many others who have benefitted from short and longer term psychological interventions choose to re-engage therapy as a way of addressing the ongoing challenges, possibilities, and potentials that exist for all human beings. I recognize the inherent intensity that spans all ages and stages of human development, including the great variety of relationships we have with intimate partners, families, children, colleagues, friends, and the array of human relational challenges we encounter on a daily basis. My clients discover great value by having an accepting, confidential, and loving space where they not only address the inevitable challenges of our ongoing human experience, but also discover what is whole, good, true, and most valued in themselves, and to build and expand upon their unique gifts and possibilities. All of my work is trauma-informed, and includes the possibility for an ongoing integration and deepening of the relationship between mind, heart, body, and soul. 

Couples receive the benefit of exploring and addressing the ongoing challenges of relational growth and healing, including but not limited to: developing and sustaining skills for communication and conflict resolution; creating, sustaining and deepening the possibilities for physical and emotional intimacy; addressing the many stages and challenges of parenting; support with fertility, separation, divorce, and blended families; and more. 

I am currently offering psychotherapy through teletherapy to residents of California, and also have a Spiritual Guidance and Consultation practice where I work with people throughout the world. I work in English and Spanish. You are welcome to contact me for a free, 15-minute introductory call to explore the possibility of working together.