My spiritual guidance and consultation practice can be conducted via video and outside of the state of California. I consult, mediate, and assist in setting up holistic treatment for spiritual emergencies and crisis, provide support to spiritual teachers and communities in crises, and provide spiritual mentorship/friendship to practitioners from a variety of spiritual traditions.

As a spiritual friend/mentor, I am an ally who supports, serves as a sounding board, and embraces and shares the intensity that the spiritual path often brings. The spiritual path is a rocky road, full of potholes and pitfalls, and not meant to be traveled alone. In some cases, I provide guidance and mentorship for younger and newer spiritual practitioners. In other cases, I offer peer support to teachers and seasoned practitioners, helping them to work with their own challenges in their practices and teaching functions, and being a confidential ally.

In working with spiritual emergencies and crises, I work with complementary holistic modalities and collaborate with other healing professionals to help individuals stabilize from spiritual emergencies and re-integrate into functional, healthy living. Spiritual emergency occurs the spiritual awakenings and openings of healthy spiritual emergence become overwhelming, produce anxiety, impede functioning in daily life, jobs, and relationships. Spiritual emergencies are often misdiagnosed as mental illness.

I also consult with spiritual communities to create preventative psychological health programs, as well as work with communities in crises and those effected by spiritual trauma. I have successfully mediated conflict in large and small spiritual scandals.